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A Book of Stories About Asians That Empower Our Youth
The Book of Big Dreamers is full of inspirational true Stories and colorful illustrated portraits.

• 88 Unique Illustrations
• Engaging Biographies
• Perfect gift for family and friends
• Fight #Asianhate with #Asianlove

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88 Inspiring Stories of Asians Who Changed the World

Our team connected with writers from around the world to create this amazing book.

The characters in the book represent different Asian backgrounds. From astronomers to movie stars, from painters to TikTok influencers. All of them making a huge impact for Asians in American culture

88 Beautifully Unique Illustrations

Each of the illustrations are uniquely drawn to capture the essence of the character. Beautiful in their own right. But when complied together, simply powerful.

I Didn't Have Anyone to Connect With

Growing up, there were not many Asians in Politics, Sports, TV and etc. I didn't see many successful people who looked like me. And with #asianhate dominating headlines, it feels like the Asian community needs a little boost.

Decided To Take Things Into My Own Hands

I made it my mission to change the environment for my kids so they could have a brighter future. I went on a journey to create a book that would inspire and empower the youth of today.

We Want to Inspire and Empower Your Little Ones

We hope that you read these stories with your children and expose them to the amazing lives of people who look like them. 

Hopefully, unlocking something in their brain that inspires them to do great things

What Others Are Saying
"As an Asian American myself, it is great to reflect on how many broke through barriers. This book is a 
celebration of those who have paved the way and an inspiration to those who will pave the way in the future.

- Matthew Oh, FOREFRONT Charity CEO & Founder
"This should be in every library, and I can’t wait to get a full copy to read with my kids."

- Joe Kye, 🎻 Violinist-Looper
"My kids and I previewed the pages and we love the layout and concept! We appreciate seeing positive content and the hard work of inspiring Asian Americans. We know this is exactly what our world needs to see more of."

- FilAm Learners, Educators
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